Herbivore Botanicals

This week, we're featuring the lovely couple - Julia and Alex from Herbivore Botanicals and explore their thoughts into natural skincare. It is very true what they've reminded us about choosing the right skincare as anything you put on your skin gets absorbed into our bodies, just the same as your food intake!

  1. So how did it all started? What motivated you to start your own brand? Alex (my husband and co-founder of Herbivore) was having skin issues, and I wanted to use my knowledge from the naturopathic school I was attending, so we invested in a soap-making kit. It then turned into a hobby on Etsy. The soap became very popular, and that’s when I decided to pursue the venture full-time.
  2. Why is using natural ingredients so important? Where do you source them? Knowing that what we put on our skin quickly absorbs into our bodies, we want to be conscious of the ingredients we invest in for our products. The earth offers so many effective ingredients, that there’s no need to add anything extra. The majority of our ingredients come from all over the world; although we also use a few local ingredients, many of our favorites (coconut oil, rose absolute, pink clay) are not available anywhere near Seattle. We do research to make sure our ethics align with those we source from.
  3. If you have to choose ONE product that is our absolute must-have, what would it be? Lapis Facial Oil. It is such a skin-saver.
  4. We’re curious about you as well – what is a typical day in your life like? We come into Herbivore headquarters nearly every day to make sure things are running smoothly. We have our hand in everything from production to packaging to marketing. Our days are always varied in terms of what projects we're working on. But we always take time to have a healthy lunch together, and we do a lot of planning at home as well. Herbivore is always on our minds!
  5. What are your wellness tips for us? I think wellness is unique for every individual. Getting my daily dose of Vitamin D is really important, and stretching, walking, sometimes yoga. Also taking a bath is my daily meditation / me time.

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