Charcoal is the new black

Charcoal doesn't just belong to the barbecue pit anymore, it's going mainstream and popular as one of the new detox regime. Get to know how this pile of dirt-like powder can help detoxify our skin and body!

Balm & Co. activated charcoal toner

Activated charcoal in it balances pH and absorbs toxins, so it's especially good for acne-prone skin and reducing oiliness without being harsh to your skin!

Lush Dark Angels Face and Body cleanser

Combined with charcoal and black sugar, this gently exfoliate and absorb excess oils, you'd instantly feel fresh and matte, especially great for young/blemish-prone skin!


There's no way we would have missed this god-send hero product, clinically developed to help fight common skin problems like breakouts, black heads, discoloration, you name it! We've been a big fan and what we didn't was that activated-x charcoal was one of the main ingredients, works to magnetically draws out dirt!