Daido Moriyama

Stumbled upon photos of Moriyama's exhibition on Instagram the other day, which I found out his works are now exhibiting at Galleria Carla Sozzani, part of the hip lifestyle complex - 10 Corso Como at Milan. What a perfect match, I thought! Moriyama's works somehow perfectly match my depiction with the brand, it's somewhat cool, unapproachable yet elegantly minimalistic, it's something you'd want to own at least a piece of it in your life!

For those who didn't know about him, Daido Moriyama, Japanese photographer, even at age 73, known for capturing the chaotic city life using a small hand-held camera (loose your SLR, compact camera are making a comeback!) with images that are grainy, out of focus, black and white and high contrast, which he prints himself. Check out more of his work here.

Another thing I noticed as I was scrolling through the images from the Milan exhibition, I realized it was all color images (then I realized the exhibition was titled 'Daido Moriyama in Color'. These color images somehow reflect another side of his - a badass side - as the black-and-white photography master explained himself "The black and white tells about my inner world, my emotions and deep feelings that I feel every day walking through the streets of Tokyo or other cities, as a vagabond aimlessly. The color describes what I meet without any filters, and I like to record it for what it looks like to me. The first one is rich in contrasts, is harsh and fully reflects my solitary nature. The second one is polite, gentle, as I set myself towards the world."