Cedar and Stone

Today, we're excited to launch our first interview with Anna and Kate from Cedar and Stone for our new series 'Meet the Founder' to tell us about their inspirations, motivations and wellness tips! Also, stay tuned to this series as we'll be having a Christmas giveaway featuring selected products recommended by these awesome makers!

So what's so special about Cedar and Stone and why we love? Just by looking at their beautifully curated site, we can already take in the naturalistic aroma of natural herbs and earthy from this Australian brand. All ingredients used in their products are sourced from some of the most diverse environments, from dense rain forests to merciless deserts. They pride themselves on being 100% natural using completely no chemicals, artificial fragrances, additives or preservatives.  Just pure, natural, unadulterated ingredients!

How did it all started? What motivated you to start your own brand?
We wanted to bring a skincare brand into the market that was completely natural. We didn't like walking into an organic store or shop and seeing items on the shelf claiming to be natural, when really they weren't. That's ultimately where cedar and stone was born.

Why is using natural ingredients so important? Where do you source them?
It just makes sense to use what we have been given from this amazing earth & your skin is the biggest organ in your body!

If you have to choose ONE product that is our absolute must-have, what would it be?
One of our facial oils. It has so many different uses, from clearing and hydrating your skin, split end treatment, cuticle oil and overnight hair treatment. It really is incredible - check them out here.

We’re curious about you as well – what is a typical day in your life like?
At the moment you will find me in the studio packing orders and getting stock ready to send out! If I can sneak in some time to myself, it's spring here in Australia and the beach is perfect, we live in a town right on the beach so it's only a walk away.
Kate: At the studio making and filling the products! With my three kids down at the beach or adventuring somewhere along the coast. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

What are your wellness tips for us?
Water water water! Drink water, number one rule! Get a good night sleep. Eat your veg and fruit. Have a daily skincare routine, cleanse once, use coconut oil to remove makeup, apply toner, use a facial oil to hydrate. It all sounds cliché but it's the only way!

Stay tuned! We'll be having our first ever CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY featuring products selected by Anna and Kate. Click HERE to check out their full range of products for now!