Take your pleasure seriously

Take your pleasure seriously

I often dream of a day, where I would just take a day off from work and enjoy some 'good' indulgences for a day, and here's our list of to do for the day to just 'take your pleasure seriously'.

Loose the alarm. Sleep in for the morning.

Have a romantic morning with yourself. Grab a cup of aromatic coffee from Cupping room with your favourite read. Our pick would be - Love letters of the Great War featuring love letters from a 17-year-old WWI soldier to the great Winston Churchill.

Be good to your body, cleanse your system. Treat yourself to a simple clean lunch at one of our vegan favourites MANA!. We especially love their in-season pumpkin and spinach salad this month, of course, no one will blame you for ordering their yumilicious fries.

Clear your mind at a Yoga sesh. I always go alone, that way you can always stay focused and have a private conversation with your mind. Our always go-to place - Yoga Bam Bam. We especially recommends their one-of-a-kind Forest yoga, developed by the Anna Forrest, honors the beauty of life & the power of the spirit. Namaste.

Grab a friend to savour some serious indulgence, and by indulgence, we mean some serious cheesy indulgence. One of our top spots would be On Dining, the Jeremy's cheese selection has to be one of the best around town, not to mention the spectacular night view of Central by the outdoor terrace lounge. How can you say no to some soft cheese, hot bread and aromatic wine?

Wind down the day and get yourself prepared for another day tomorrow with a nice bath. It's always nice to add a little bit of the Pure Earth Himalayan Salt body polish to the mix. The crushed Rosa Damascena and Kashmir Lavender petals infused with heady Mandarin, Cinnamon bark and Cedar wood essential oils lend an incredibly fresh and uplifting nose to a perfect at-home bath experience.