Maurice Sapiro

Art is an interesting thing, some people think it's useless and vague, some people pour millions into it. For me, i think it's something that cannot be quantified and I have no objection to people who sees art as an investment either, because everyone can have different interpretations to art, or shall I say the perception to art. And as the 84-year-old Connecticut-based painter puts it - "Painting, like life, is a journey.  And, as with any journey, it’s the people you meet along the way who leave the most lasting impressions". And I couldn't agree more.

Sapiro paints landscapes, still lives, and dreamscapes, I'm especially drawn to the few pieces above as it delicately and subtly captures the ethereal, spiritual tones, light and mood of nature, reminds me of my first sunrise experience in New Zealand, land of purity. He's especially genius in "explore the moods of morning and evening on marshes and rivers" , which also reminds me of Turner's iconic watercolor paintings.