Geoffrey Johnson

We came across Geoffrey Johnson's work on Instagram and we were instantly captured by it!

What we love about him is his depictions of New York, the sepia and pastel tone and apce, capturing the elegant sense of melancholy in these New Yorkers. There's also a sense of timelessness within, the way time and space are presented put a certain zen and stillness in this chaotic city. As the artist states himself, "It doesn’t call for color. A limited palette brings more of the mood of the city out to me. More of how I feel about it" - exactly how I feel about New York when I first visited.

As some critics put it, the way it's being illustrated "successfully capturing the alluring space between abstraction and realism". For me, it sort of reminds me of Degas, or more of the French Impressionists work. If you like them too, see more of his work here