On the mat

A year ago, I started doing yoga trying to recover from a low point in my life (new job, stress, break up, typical I know). Little did I know that I would become so hooked to it. I have heard great things from everywhere, everyone but I felt reluctant to get on to it as I have been the most inflexible person ever! 

I was introduced to Lazy Cat Studio through my mom (yes she got so hooked to it too!). The studio located in an industrial building, I was able to beat the crowd as I usually attend the Saturday afternoon class. The studio is spacious, floored with oak wood, always lit up with a candle or two, filled with tranquility and our yoga instructor Amanda is probably the most optimistic and happy person I've known. 

After my first session, I became hooked to the energy and meditative calmness I felt. I was so focused on counting my breathe that I forgot what was troubling in my mind, my head became so light afterwards as if something was taken out from it. The anxiety, stress  and pent-up  emotions just slip away. With this state of mind, sometimes, it's easier to view any problem or situation from different points of view. 

Every now and then when we're trying new yoga poses, Amanda will always tell us to 'listen to our body' and everyone may have a different journey with it. I became more aware of my body, what poses I should/shouldn't' force myself to do. Combining with my gym session, I started to become more confident with some postures month by month - and yoga taught me patience. 


Lazy Cat Yoga
Workshop K, 7/F, Valiant Industrial Centre, 2 – 12 Au Pui Wan Street
Fo Tan, New Territories
Hong Kong