We came across this beautiful eco-friendly brand - RUMI X on instagram the other day and we just couldn't stop stalking! Rumi X is a high-performance eco-concious active apparel brand that designed to make you feel good! What's more - their apparel is actually made with recycled plastic bottles and upcycled coffee grounds (Yes you heard us, coffee!). Not only does it make you feel good physically, but also mentally for doing something good for our planet! 

So, let's hear a little more from the founder and CEO of RUMI X - Melissa! 

How did it all started? What motivated you to start your own brand?
It all started with Melissa, the founder and CEO of RUMI X. While Melissa was training to be a certified yoga instructor. She came up with this entire concept in 2013 and wanted it to be aligned with yoga. The idea turned into a reality in 2014, the brand grew and expanded to be more suitable to all sorts of physical activities, eg crossfit, barre, running and kickboxing. Melissa wanted her brand to be different from the ordinary black and grey colour spectrum of the activewear industry.

What's one key thing that's special about RUMI X, that's different from other active wear brands?
RUMI X uses bold and colourful prints that makes us stand out compare to other active wear brands. And our core foundation is that all our apparel are made from recycled materials. Our tops are made from upcycled coffee grounds and our bottoms are made from plastic water bottles.

What do you think would be the next big trend/product in the health/wellness sector?
I think that a trend that is definitely here to stay is eating a lot more plant-based and less processed food. People are slowly veering away from fad diets and skinny teas - going back to basic and whole foods. Also another trend is buying from ethical and do-good brands that make consumers feel good, knowing that they are paying for something that could really benefit the community and the environment. 

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