Mukti Organics

This week, we get to speak with Mukti, founder of Mukti Organics from Australia - they specializes in a range of organic skin, hair and body care products based on Australian Bioactive Native Extracts. Each of their products have been specially created to work synergistically with the skin, not only are they Certified Organic by the Organic Food Chain, their beautiful packaging are also super eco-friendly. 

1. How did it all started? What motivated you to start your own brand?
My journey first began with a health issue, which then lead me into the realms of studying natural therapies and holistic medicine. I realized that my internal health was a reflection of what was happening in relation to my skin and that gut health was the place to begin with any detoxification and healing.

The eponymous brand was launched in 2000. Back then there wasn’t an organic skin care standard. I recognized a niche in the market place and set about making lotions and potions and conducting herbal alchemy experiments in my laundry with my first born strapped on my front. I had a head start with a background in beauty therapy and a Swedish grandfather who owned an apothecary. The stars aligned and divine providence prompted me into creating my own line of products for family, friends and clients.

2. Why is using natural ingredients so important? Where do you source them?
Plants and humans have a natural affinity. It comes down to our biological similarities. Our bodies recognize and readily assimilate the active ingredients in plant cells rather than treating them as foreign substances. Our bodies do not have an inherent ability to process chemicals and synthetic toxins, which have bio accumulative effect and end up in our internal organs in particular our livers and kidneys. We are already overburdened by environmental pollutants so it is insane to consciously slather our largest living, breathing organ with more junk that we cannot process. Plants are complementary and work harmoniously with us rather than against us. Why are we fighting nature? Organics are not a trend. I believe it’s our only salvation for a sustainable future.

I incorporate active percentages of cellular extracted bioactive native Australian extracts into synergistic blends that relate to a particular skin type or condition. Due to the harsh climate and environment the natives grown in, they literally become storehouses of potent vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. The method in which they are extracted leaves them intact and in pristine form so when they are released in a formulation, they deliver cosmeceutical results. The bases of my formulations are Australian aloe vera which is soothing, calming and compatible with most skin types and Australian macadamia nut oil which is easily and readily penetrable as its composition is very similar to that of the skins sebum.

3. If you have to choose ONE product that is our absolute must-have, what would it be?
My hero product is the antioxidant facial oil. It’s a go to product that should be in every girl’s skin care arsenal. It contains a blend of 15 precious nut and seed oils including native Australian Kakadu Plum, Davidson Plum, Blue Cypress Seed and Mango Seed in a synergistically perfect omega 3-6-9 ratio, it packs a powerful punch to ward off the damaging effects of free radicals. It can be used on its own or beneath our serums or moisturisers. It’s suitable for all skin types, quickly and readily absorbs and works or revitalizing, rejuvenating, repairing and balancing.

4. We’re curious about you as well – what is a typical day in your life like?
I naturally wake around 4.30-5 am. I am surrounded by national park so the birds tend to lull me out of my sleep. I then meditate and set my intention for the day. I also reflect upon what I am grateful and appreciative of in my life.

I start the morning with a large glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon to alkalise my system and then on to a cup of celestial seasonings Bengal Spice – it’s my favourite tea blend. I peruse my emails and set my work plan for the day.

I then head off to the beach for a walk, or the gym, yoga or pilates around 6.30 - exercise is crucial and an absolutely essential part of my day. Our bodies are finely tuned machines that are meant to move. I then come home around 8am and make some sort of green smoothie or protein shake.

I have a home office so spend most of my days working on research and development. The business has now morphed into an SME with management and staff so most of the roles are defined and I can delegate quite a few tasks as well as overseeing the general direction and flow.

I have a lab that I use to formulate and create in so I usually set aside one day per week to do that. My other passion and desire is to educate so I write a lot and do my best to spread the word about organics and healthy living.

I have two daughters and at present consciously live alone. My eldest daughter works in the business as creative director and handles all the social media and my youngest is at high school.

5. What are your wellness tips for us?
Take time out for you everyday by giving yourself a loving ritual. I have a great age defying acupressure facial that takes a few minutes and totally relaxes the face as well as stimulating the collagen and elastin. (It’s downloadable from our website). No one will ever love you as much as you do so put yourself first.

Breath and find ways to constantly bring yourself back to present moment awareness. As much as possible be in the now. Nothing else exists.

Eat, fresh, alive organic food. Make a bowl with both your hands and use that as a guideline to only every eat that much at each sitting. Listen to your body and only eat when you’re hungry not because the clock says to.

If your thirsty drink water first and foremost. Most people are dehydrated. Fill a two litre bottle, place it on your desk and sip on it throughout the day.

Listen to music and move your body every single day. We are not designed to be sedentary. Walk wherever possible and remember to look up at the sky, the clouds, the moon and the sun and remind yourself that you are a courageous and confident human being who has something incredible to offer the world.

Ask yourself with every little thing you do and every decision you make “what would a person who loved themselves do?” 

Feeling inspired? Check out their full range HERE