Dina Broadhurst

This week, we're absolutely thrilled to introduce you to the talented Dina Broadhurst - a mom, artist, designer, collector. We came across Dina's beautiful collage at a yoga studio, we got absolutely curious and we had to inquire about the origin of it. 

1. How did it all started - did you start as a designer/photographer/artist? What sparked you to start in the first place?
Ever since I was a little girl I created things and covered things with paint, colour, pattern and collage. After school I studied advertising and photography and went from that into interior design and then came full circle combining all my knowledge of colour, proportion, layout and light to creating works of art with mixed media and collage both analog and digital. 

2. Your work features some beautiful collage mainly centered around women, is there a story/inspiration behind?
The inspiration behind my work is me so it is very feminine based, as an artist every part of you comes out through your work. But I am formed and made of my experiences with both men and woman from a feminine perspective. The idea of collage, of opening things up, of discovering what fits together, of seeing links and patterns repeat, is all a mirror of my life and my discovery. The journey of a beautiful and full life lived from a deep place within me, below the surface of what we all instantly see is a story, a history, that is living and that is my work and my story. 

3. What/who is your everyday muse? 
I am my muse as through myself I can discover others as well as use my art to delve deeper into myself

4. We’re curious about you as well – what is a typical day in your life like?
My days and nights are one as well as my weekdays and weekends. Basically I never switch off, as long as my eyes are open I am seeing and creating, even if it's just with my mind. Piecing things together mentally awaiting the moment I can touch something and turn it into a creation in reality. Each day I create new work either digitally or hands on depending on my mood. I also write every day, inspirational notes that become titles of my work for example. I research daily other artists, I hunt, gather, collect, collate, read. Then there is the practical side of the daily duties of my business, meeting clients, developing future ideas, collaborations, commissions, printing works, site visits,managing framing and deliveries. And within all this is entwined the daily pleasures of life, my son, food, sunshine and love. I am lucky I work to my own rhythm and enjoy never switching off so my life all becomes one ball of creative energy and constant flow rather than set work hours then play. 

Check out more of Dina's work here.