Ashtanga x Odinson

Goodbye franchise studio, hello boutique studio! With the latest fitness trend going on around Hongkie land, we're absolutely hyped up with all these interesting boutique studios popping up every other week, what's more exciting is that we're seeing each with their own character and strength, making the health and fitness community in HK stronger and exciting than ever! 

This week, we're introduced to Odinson, a new training and yoga studio in Hong Kong, focuses on helping you find your balance in both body and mind - the concept combines personal training and yoga classes all under one roof, perfect for all these busy bees in Central!

Even though it's a small space, the minimalistic interior gives you a sense of spaciousness and calmness, echoing their vision to help achieve balance in your mind and body. Looking at their variety of classes - from body conditioning classes, bootcamp-style female-only training to vinyasa flow yoga, it was just simply hard to choose just one! Ultimately we went in with the Ashtanga beginner with Charlotte. 

It was a late afternoon 5.30pm class and accidentally became an one-on-one class with Charlotte. Before the practice, I was first introduced to Ashtanga (as a newbie, of course I had absolute confusion about these terms!) - I was told that Ashtanga is a traditional method quite different from flow-style yoga, individual asana posture will be taught and practiced in sequence and you'll notice how your body and mind will change accordingly. 

From my journey in yoga (even though it's a rather short one still!), I have noticed myself is relatively weak with my arms and knees, that's why I tried combining my yoga practices with weekly gym trainings focusing on arm and knee strength (squats!). What I love about Odinson is that they're also trying to bring this thinking into their concept - bringing together the essentials of living a healthier lifestyle through personal training so you can achieve your goals tailored for you while working your way towards a positive state of mind and flexibility by practicing yoga. 

The class went on in a whim, it was one intense but amazing practice and feel like I'm experiencing yoga in a whole new perspective. Although to some people, an one-on-one setting can be intimidating with the instructor putting all the attention to you, the way Charlotte instructed and led the class makes you at ease, from the way she explained how to incorporate breathing with the postures and assisted with my headstand/handstand attempts for the very first time, it was simply one memorable and wonderful experience! And I'll be sure to visit again very soon! 

11/F, The Pemberton, 22 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan,