5 food tips for glowing skin

After learning all about our skin pH level, it's also important to know what's to put inside your body and it's always best to eat food that is in its most natural form. Check out nutritionist - Danielle Heyhoe's 5 quick food tips on nutrition and diet for healthy skin!

1. Zinc helps promote scar healing
For y'all acne-prone people, zinc is a great nutrient for balancing oil on your skin as it supports healthy hormones. What's more, it helps nourish your hair and scalp by supporting its strength. Zinc can always be found in beef, poultry, eggs and superfoods like pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and cacao powder.  

2. Vitamin A for problem skin
Again, for oily skin/acne-prone people, vitamin A helps inhibit over active oil glands and suppress testosterone formation (which is one of the main reasons that causes acne). Food rich in vitamin A includes liver, cod liver oil, eggs and veggies such as sweet potatoes, dark leafy greens. 

3. YES to omega-3 and NO to Omega-6
Omega-3 fatty acids have shown to decrease acne problems, whereas omega-6 fatty acids have been associated with skin inflammation. So YES to omega-3 foods like salmon and mackerel and avoid industrialized seed oils found in fast/processed foods. 

4. Probiotics!
Not sure how many times we have stress about probiotics here! It contributes so much to healthy glowing skin as they promote your gut health significantly, and research shows that there is a direct correlation between our microbiota (the bacterial balance in the gut) and acne. Probiotics can often be found from unsweetened yoghurt, kimchi. It can also be supplemented.

5. Vitamin K2 slows down aging and prevent wrinkling
Vitamin K2 gives your skin that bounce-back ability, supporting the elasticity in the skin. The best sources of vitamin K2 include grass-fed meat and butter, liver, and egg yolks. 

Source: http://www.glasshousejournal.co.uk/post/nutrition-for-healthy-skin-part-two