Humming Puppy

Silent yoga, disco yoga, naked yoga - tried all that? Then I think you'd be glad to hear about Humming Puppy - yoga with a sensational twist that resonates and hums (literally!) from Melbourne. 

Based in Prahran, Melbourne and just launched another studio in Sydney. As we've been told - the room was sound engineered at 7.83 hertz that’s thought to be the resonance of the Earth, add to that is an occasion hums at a frequency of 40 hertz, which is the same as the gamma-wave frequency of your brain that said to help achieve your peak performance. 

It was an early morning on a Monday, we hopped on an uber and head over to Prahran, which is around 15 minutes away from CBD. As I was looking through the car window, Prahran definitely gives me a different vibe - some sort of a LA hipster vibe - think independent boutiques, healthy food stores, clean organic cafes and studios.  

Once we got there, we were immediately brought to a beautifully designed reception, Jackie (co-founder, instructor and manager) was kind enough to introduce the whereabouts of the studio and get me settle in for class! 

Into the room we go, it was absolutely nothing we had been before in terms of a yoga studio, it was all dark and everyone was readily lying down with their own cushion drowned in their own meditation with the hums. The hum can get a bit unsettling at first, but by the time to your third round of flow, you kind of just stop hearing them as your find your centre and focus on your breath, until the final round of savasana. 

Being at Humming Puppy was absolutely a sensational experience, it all sounds geeky and technical, but in fact, it's the most relaxing practice I've had led by Jackie. Yoga in such a dim setting was a first for me and it definitely help contributes to the calm and soothing experience, together with the hums, it definitely felt like I was transformed to another dimension out of the world. The studio itself was as well detailedly designed, high ceiling with earth/woody color tones just helps you set in and relax in mindfulness.

Classes are categorized in 3 main forms - mellow, unified and dynamic and you can simply book your mat online and assigned in advance (we all know about being on time for class and ended up getting the last mat at the corner!). Oh and don't forget to have a sip of some coconut water to refreshen up and start your day right! 

Hear more about the hum from Jackie, co-founder of Humming Puppy!

How did it all start with Humming Puppy? 
Humming Puppy began from my desire to leave a job I no longer felt connected to and an even stronger desire to follow my passion to teach and share my love of yoga. My partner in life and business Chris, was the brain's behind "the hum" which stemmed from his personal experiences with meditation, whereby he feels strong vibrations in various parts of his body. While this is not unusual or unique to him this is where the idea to invite frequency into the room to enhance the practice of yoga came from.  I immediately loved the idea after Chris shared it with me over a cheesy Valentines Day dinner in 2014! From there, the idea developed and evolved into what you see, hear and feel at Humming Puppy. 

We wanted to make a visit to Humming Puppy an experience that went beyond the physical practice of yoga with the intention of captivating those who never thought they could or would ever practise yoga. We went on to create a sanctuary for students to retreat to where their every need was catered for and one that provided them with an opportunity to leave the world behind and focus on themselves for a short time each day. 

What do you think is the one key thing that's special about Humming Puppy? 
When you take a class at Humming Puppy, you’ll notice that the room actually hums……… what is the hum all about? Our ‘hum’ works on a principal knows as ‘Vibrational Entrainment’ which was first observed by Christiaan Huygens (a mathematician and physicist) who invented the Pendulum Clock.  Huygens observed that if two pendulum clocks (that were swinging at different intervals) were placed near each other, they would end up swinging in unison.  The second and more obvious version of this is seen in Piano Tuning Forks.  If you take one tuning fork and bang it so it is ringing and then bring a second tuning fork near the first (that isn’t ringing) the second will start to ring without even touching the first.

So that sets up the concept of entrainment.  What we typically explain next is that everything in our environment is actually vibrating and has its own ’natural’ or perfect state of vibration/frequency. The chair you are sitting on, your heart, your lungs etc, quite literally everything is vibrating and has a frequency.  When something in the human body is out of alignment it typically won’t be vibrating at its ideal frequency, but you can bring it back into alignment through entrainment by being near or submersed in the correct frequency.

Also, the more often your body is in a particular state (or vibration), the more it will find it easy to get back to that same state. This is really no different to muscle memory.

In terms of the specific frequencies that we use we inject a combination of both 40hz (which is associated with Gamma Brain Wave activity) and 7.83hz which is known as the Schumann Resonance (the frequency of the earth) into the space.  Gamma brain waves are actually the fastest of all the brain wave sets and tend to be produced when people are ‘in the zone’.  The reason for this is (or at least our own research has led us to this) is that the speed at which gamma brain waves travel from the front to the back of the brain and then back again is so fast that it actually gets the various parts of the brain to fire ‘in unison’.  What this means is that memory is accessed faster, physical response times are quicker and the emotional ‘fight or flight’ patterns/responses take a back seat.  Elite athletes, musicians and artists all tend to produce more gamma than normal. The Schumann Resonance is then combined with the Gamma frequency to help with being grounded and present.

So long story short we thought that submersing you in these frequencies whilst you practice your yoga would help to supercharge your practice whilst also making it easier to get into the these sort of ’states’ more often (as per the muscle memory example).

Health and wellness must be important to you. What is your personal wellbeing philosophy? 
I believe that it is important that you do what works for you, no one is the same and I don’t believe that there is any one way of doing things that works for everyone. My schedule changes every week and I often work early mornings and late nights so it’s important to me to make sure that I set aside some time for my sadhana (daily practise) even if it’s not at the same time every day. I’ve learnt that sometimes you just have to go with the flow, everyday is different and will provide you with a new perspective and new experiences, find what works for you. 

What do you think would be the next big trend/product in the health/wellness sector? 
I think the health and wellness industry will continue to boom over the next few years with people seeking out new and interesting ways to connect back to their true selves. I truly believe that meditation will continue to grow and become a staple part of peoples lives as people begin to understand the huge benefits that a daily practise can have on their lives. I have a feeling that floatation tanks may also become the new black!!! 

Humming Puppy
2/22 Cecil Place, Prahran VIC3181