r.a.w. studios

A sunny wintery Thursday start off at r.a.w. studios - a new luxury fitness studio from LA to Melbourne CBD. Just located right down where we're staying at Little Collins Street, r.a.w. studios is tucked in right at the heart of the city.

Stepping into the building you'll see a big X right at the glass door entrance, down the steps you'd go through a state-of-the-art high-ceiling lounge area with a raw industrial vibe, it's spacious, composed and just about the right place to unwind and relax after a class with a cup of warm tea. We were also greeted warmly and taken on a studio tour by Sunshine, same as her name - absolutely a delight to have meet her! 

r.a.w. is an acronym for ‘ready and willing’ and is unlike traditional yoga studios, gyms and fitness centers. For the body, it boasts a 360° multi-platform space giving members access to international health experts and master instructors trained in power yoga, dance, barre, martial arts and functional training. For the mind, there is meditation classes and workshops covering everything from nutrition and wellness to business, current affairs and philosophy. r.a.w. is definitely a perfect venue for CBD busy bees to slot in a lunchtime workout, or a slow flow yoga to unwind the day.

We opted for the Empowered Yoga class with Ben, who was absolutely professional and experienced. Ben reminded us to focus a lot on our breath, which I often find it hard but in this class, it just seems so easy and natural. During class, Ben is being very elaborative on all his meditative guidance, which is very different from a lot of yoga classes we've been around Asian cities - which kind of focuses more of the posture and fitness side of things. It was all a very new experience and an absolutely soothing and healing one! 

If you're ever in town at Melbourne, be sure to check out r.a.w. studios


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