Lev Khesin

There is something very calming about Khesin's pieces, painted with silicone in layers and layers. The transition from one period of an artist's life to another, whilst never plain sailing is nevertheless as subtle as those age lines that have gradually appeared on an old friend's face. One senses a difference and indeed, each new creation seems to confirm that a departure from one era has taken place even if the destination to another has yet to be announced.

Khesin's technique remains the same: a drawn out process where a multitude of colours are applied in layers of silicone. A viscous mass bends to the artist's will before rebelling and singing to its own tune. The artist humbly accepts this natural process that thwarts his power. 
With good reason Lev Khesin compares painting with the art of archery or other Zen rituals. As a layer of silicone is applied Khesin focuses solely on this one action. It is a controlled exercise of mental presence and the resulting image is lasting evidence of an accomplished yet long gone meditation.

Only on the frayed edges of the canvas can one see evidence of the whole multi layered colour scheme. Only here can one understand the artist's toil and how he envisaged his materials into a form whilst simultaneously permitting his wards to exist within their natural energy of resistance.