A Modern Pilgrim to Morocco

A Modern Pilgrim to Morocco

There's no rule that says you have to go barefoot or not brush your hair in order to go on a pilgrim. It is an unbroken spiritual journey, digital detox, it puts your body in a way that modern reality often doesn't allow. We are often drowned with deadlines, work, traffic, bills and coffee, all these stuff filled our minds in modern life, but all these just seemed to have drifted away during my modern pilgrim.

In one world, we're talking about virtual reality, wireless charging, artificial intelligence but in just 4000 miles away, we're talking about selling horses, baking breads, mint tea. It's almost ridiculous to imagine we're living in the same world. Kids don't have ipads, they played with an empty cocacola bottle all afternoon and that'd probably made their day. Imagine giving an empty bottle to a kid in Hong Kong, they would probably be like 'what the F'. Here, we see people who are content, but I'm not saying we should go back because we can never, we have the opportunity to be educated, to have access to technology because we're lucky, but it's important to be content with what you have. This almost feels like a journey connecting your sense of gratitude, which leads to a question - what are we grateful for?

Here we talked about Muslims, religion, being here you understand the importance of consideration and cultural difference. Islam is based on love, you can feel it everywhere here, nothing like what media and politicians portrayed. 

This pilgrim made me realized there's so much more in this world I have not seen, I've always thought I've seen a lot but I knew I was wrong. Even within Morocco, there's so much difference in between towns and villages, from the red Marrakech to the golden desert to the beautiful Blue town Chefchaouen, we're lucky to get to experience so much in just 7 days. Unlike many Moroccans, we're lucky to be able travel in and out of our country easily without visa. We're lucky to be free, to be living life. 

Onwards. What's your pilgrim destination? 


Photo credits @_lesseen