Maria Black

Maria Black

I'm sure everyone who was close to me know I've been raving about Maria Black's beautiful jewelry line since my Copenhagen trip. 

I particularly love the way she described a 'Maria Black' woman - true and honest spirit, quick to laugh, freedom loving and secretly vain, which completely translates to her pieces. There is something about her pieces, there is often an interplay between the opposites, it's elegant but unconventional, classic yet dramatic, simple but versatile with a Scandinavian touch. As she suggested, all her pieces can be easily layered, stacked, it's less about the pieces themselves but more important on how the wearer chooses to wear it. 

Check out our conversation with Maria, founder of Maria Black whom truly lives and breathes her pieces. Watch this space for more, we might be giving away one of Maria's favorite pieces from the Disruption collection

How did it all started with Maria Black - what was the catalyst that sparked your interest to start your own jewelry line?

Born in Copenhagen, the Danish-Irish designer Maria Black launched her first collection in 2010 built on ambition and passion for precious metals and a fashion-forward approach to conceptual jewellery design. A life-defining curiosity of world cultures led her to explore the world and her desire to create was sparked from the inspiration and beauty she found on her paths. She carved out a niche that has found her designs a place in the industry’s most carefully curated collections and her new riff on jewellery design is nothing if not subversive.

My jewellery brand is founded on the pure idea of combining aesthetics and artistry and allowing contemporary jewellery to emphasize the everyday look of a modern individual and challenge the common perception of body adornment. Each collection becomes a complete personal story showcasing an intelligent perspective on jewellery design and my designs are intended to encourage individual creative freedom.

What's the design philosophy behind your beautiful pieces? Where do you usually get your inspiration from? Has Copenhagen as a city of innovation design been a source of inspiration for you as well? 

Continuously innovating the perception of body adornment with unrivalled stories and newly invented features Maria Black is infused with a philosophy of making jewellery playful and customizable, encouraged to be mixed and matched. By delving into culture and people, we strive to connect a global community celebrating individuality.

I am extremely visual so I see at least 20 things a day I can turn into a piece of jewellery. Everything around us is designed, so you just must 'see' around you to realize you are walking in inspiration.

Copenhagen is a beautiful city and I feel inspired by the wanted an urban feel. I’m inspired by urban living and metropolitan life, especially London and Copenhagen as I’ve lived both places. Copenhagen is a forward thinking city and use ”creativity” as the underlining driver for development. It’s well known for innovative design and you can say that a Scandinavian influence is clear in my design and it’s the interplay between clean-lined elements and dramatic, sculptural shapes that has become my greatest signifier.