The art of Danish hygge

The art of Danish hygge

Copenhagen was everything I have imagined - a city of style but subtle, not a single bad-dressed person on the street as if style has been their uniform, unlike the Parisian, effortless cool in a cosy way, or shall I say the hygge way. The streets were almost empty on weekends, families are probably enjoying their time cosy-ing up at home. Bikes seem to be the main transport around town, apparently the city is on their way to be the first carbon-neutral city by 2025! 

And one of the most enjoyable things while in Copenhagen was definitely shop hopping and window shopping, appreciating the art of visual merchandising in every single store. No one does it better than the Danish and here are a few of my favorite Copenhagen spots! 


I'd probably describe the museum itself as a piece of art. Located on the sea shore of Oresund Sound, 35km north of Copenhagen, nestled this beautiful Danish architecture. Not only does it house a massive collection of sculpture, in some ways, the architecture of the museum itself almost merges with the pieces and nothing beats the Alberto Giacometti piece having the beautiful sculpture park as a backdrop. 


Lucky enough over the weekend we were there, the city was celebrating their diplomatic relationship with Japan for 150 years, a few events including this incredible Sambuichi installation was happening around town. I actually did not realize the friendly relationship between the two countries, although in some ways, I do see the resemblance in terms of aesthetics between the cultures, particularly their minimalism and subtleness.  


The highlight of the trip had to be our multiple encounter with Maria Black. I have been eyeing on their beautiful jewelry line for quite some time online and being in the actual flagship store was another experience (and of course, the sample sale and meeting Maria in person were the ultimate experience!). The pieces and design were simple, exquisite, elegant yet uniquely edgy with a touch of Danish touch and I haven't been able to take off the beautiful spiral ring since then.. 


And of course, can't complete the post without mentioning food - my joy, my source of happiness! I usually pick restaurants by vibe and I can often tell the vibe with their aesthetics and photos, picked this place over an Instagram shot before our trip and it did not disappoint. The decor, service and food was on point, one cannot go without mentioning their bone marrow kale salad - it was superb! All in all, good vibe and furniture goals!