Samantha Nania

Growing up as a city girl in Hong Kong, I never really had much encounter with the nature. And even now, being in London, I never really had the urge to do so. I guess I just don't have that 'nature gene' in me, but that doesn't stop me from looking, reading and writing about it. Environmental issues have been a thing I pay attention to, a lot, especially recent years with the ridiculous weather. Because of that, I'm growing to pay attention about brands and people who want to do good with our planet, and if possible, look good as well ;)

Came across Samantha Nania's pieces, this particular neck piece actually. I was first drawn to the delicate, smooth curve and the way the silver curve interacts with the wood. I have never thought wood and silver can work together with such different elements - the warmness of wood and coldness of silver, contrasting each other poetically, harmoniously. 

As I was reading more, I also found out Samantha works closely with a furniture company for wood supply and use any materials excess to create her beautiful pieces. As I'm also working on a similar venture with a leather factory, it's such a delightful discovery to find someone also believe in sustainability, fully utilizing what we have with our planet and not take them for granted. 

Check out our favorite pieces below (click image to shop) and more of her beautiful pieces here. Look out for our giveaway with Samantha Nania soon, you're in for a treat :)

Hear more from Samantha, Founder of Samantha Nania, on her journey, creative process and her favorite piece of jewelry: 

How did it all started - what was the catalyst that sparked your interest to start your own jewelry line? 
I, for some reason, knew that I wanted to go to college for jewelry design. I had never taken a class in metalsmithing, but I would dabble in various creative arts in high school. My Mom was a big supporter of my assured self and simply let me go to college for that major at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. I knew after college that I did not want to become a designer working in a larger company and be designing commercial jewelry. I decided I would slowly start my jewelry business on the side, so I could have full creativity, and work in a different field to supplement my income. I had researched various jewelry companies, and I knew that working at any of them, even if it was great design, would hinder me creatively because then I would start worrying about "how to design to sell".

What inspires you creatively? What's the process like for creating a new piece?
I am always inspired by my materials. I tend to design around the material because it offers me some limitations (especially when working with wood). I am often inspired by dance and other forms of movement. I do quick blind contour sketches of people in motion, and will translate some of those lines into jewelry. Now that I have a particular style for my work, my hand tends to create it's own habit for a particular shape. I sketch out an idea, make paper models and wire models depending on the piece  I am trying to create. My brain works 100% in a 3-dimensional way and I tend to sketch in that way as well. It's difficult for me to understand a form that I'm drawing on paper, and I need to be able to physically hold a piece to really know what I am trying to convey.

What's your favorite piece of personal jewelry?
I just got engaged about 2 months ago, so my new favorite piece is now my engagement ring! I had told my fiance the exact ring I wanted (haha, he was happy because it made it easier for him) and that I wanted the center stone to be an aquamarine. The ring is made by an amazing company based out of London called, Shimell and Madden. All of their work has a beautiful architectural quality, and when it comes to jewelry that I own, I always look for that.