Anne Manns

Anne Manns

This beautiful piece by Anne Manns first caught my eye because it reminded me a book The Pearl by American author John Steinbeck. It is the story of a pearl diver, Kino, and explores man's nature as well as greed, defiance of societal norms, and evil. Yet this piece reminds me nothing of that, but just pure innocence and elegance drawn from the curve of it. 

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Anne lives and works in Berlin and in the North of Italy. Having a background in fashion design she gained experience in the
world of fashion. Check out our convo with Anne where she talks us through her career where she developed a great interest in jewelry design and her craftmanship.


How did it all started with Anne Mannis Jewelry - what was the catalyst that sparked your interest to start your own jewelry line? 

When I started to study fashion design I imagined myself in future working in the fashion industry. Somehow I always liked the idea of being a part of it, but actually not being a part of it. Like a silent observer. I felt being an observer is much easier when creating jewelry than when designing fashion. Even though trends also exist in the world of jewelry I still found it much easier to create my own world and feel more free in my design process. Furthermore I love the fact that jewelry is still connected to so much tradition and fine craftsmanship. Since I am a fashion designer the fashion world is still a big part of my work. While creating my jewelry I always think about the interaction between the jewelry and clothes of its wearer. 

What inspires you creatively? What's the process like for creating a new piece?

I commute between Berlin and Northern Italy where my boyfriend lives. Here I have a studio and we enjoy a life surrounded by the dolomites and very beautiful nature. My life in Italy is a complete contrast to the life that I live in Berlin. Berlin helps me as a base to organize and to connect with people. I especially enjoy the diversity of places to go and people to interact with. All in all it is my life in Italy though that influences my work the most. With its stunning nature and the rhythm of life being much slower, I feel calm enough to be creative and to take time and space to think through my designs. So my designs and my collections areborn in the North of Italy. 

As for example my golden garden collection, which aroused in the beautiful garden of my boyfriend. The collection was influenced by the transition from the end of summer to the next season, when flowers and trees start to lose their colors and change their shapes from round to fluffy shapes, starting to dry and their outlines become sharper. The intention of this collection was to recreate naive abstractions of nature changing its seasons.

Before I start designing a collection I usually have the ideas in my head weeks before I actually start working on the new collection.I usually create a certain story or mood around my collections. After that I start making prototypes with different materials. I love the extravagance of form languages and sculptural shapes, that is why I almost never draw a concrete design on paper before starting. It is very important for me to form my jewelry in 3D with my own hands. By doing this I get a feeling for shapes and how they connect to body parts. I redo and change the design about a thousand times before the final prototype is actually done.

At the moment I am working on a new collection. My inspiration is the shape of a certain object which we all face in our everyday lives. Being the symbol of my new collection it will also come as an interior object. The jewelry pieces will be inspired by the variotions of the objects shape. However the form languages will still be organic, but rather 3 dimensional compared to my previous collection. I will also be working on jewelry pieces for the neck and wrist

What's your favorite piece of personal jewelry? 
The engagement ring of my mum.

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