Story of a mug: Part I

Came across this little piece of writing I did a year ago when I first landed here in this royal piece of land. This mug meant a lot because it was the first thing that made me felt like home, home in a foreign country, on my own. I've decided to post my first diary post up here, so that I'll always remember that feeling. 

First week out

Finally got some time to actually sit down and think, this week has been such a hectic one, starting school and moving in. I can’t imagine how much things I’ve actually done which I’ve never done before – signing a flat contract, getting super heavy groceries, navigating my way in a neighbourhood I’ve never been, dealing with bed bugs or fleas, cooking (and find myself actually cooking good stuff!), mopping everyday but still a lot of dust (why!). things I was so stressed out about eventually worked out fine!

It was lovely meeting new people everyday from different country. It once again make me realize the choice I made about UCL was right, the right place to be in London, the right school with the network and cool professors. I feel like I’m already learning a lot in this week.

What surprised me was being in a foreign country actually make me more bold to do things, attending a google/truestart event and actually chatted up with one of the panelist. I still remember I struggled a bit in my head whether I should do it, at the end, I was like fuck it and just do it.

I already got a feeling this year is going to be great, a year to inspire myself, to explore, to be bold and spontaneous!