Hannah Bould

This week - our ceramics obsession continues and I think my hunt for a perfect mug has officially ended. Now if you please excuse me,  I can finally enjoy my cup of English Breakfast - Meet Hannah Bould and her beautiful pieces, range from mugs, bowls to vases. 

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How did it all started - what was the catalyst that sparked your interest to start your own line? For me, the catalyst was printmaking. I worked in a fine art printmaking studio prior to doing pottery, finishing other people’s prints. Wanting another creative outlet, I started doing a ceramics evening class and became completely addicted. The inspiration for the designs in my work comes directly from printmaking and a lot of my imagery is derivative of my mono prints made at art school.

I didn’t really set out to create a business, it happened organically as orders and wholesale accounts increased and I spent more and more time in my studio.

I was also motivated by the prospect of being my own boss and having creative freedom; it’s amazing to spend everyday making your own work and even more amazing that people like it, I am very lucky.

What inspires you creatively? What's the process like for creating a new piece? The process itself inspires me, I love perfecting and honing a skill. There is so much to learn within ceramics and many techniques to experiment with, I can see progress in my work on a weekly basis. if I’m not working towards a specific order, I like each piece to be completely unique and one-off. Specific shapes and forms lend themselves to particular techniques or processes. It’s most enjoyable for me when I have complete free rein to let the clay dictate the finished piece.

What's a day-to-day like as an entrepreneur? It’s all consuming and I spend most of my time in the studio, working 7 days a week. I operate all aspects of my business and have to force myself to switch off; I often find myself working into the night to finish a project I am particularly excited about. I find all of the processes extremely satisfying and it’s always a treat to open the kiln and see the finished product.