Louise Damas

Louise Damas

Meet Louis Damas, our new French obsession - Oui! 

Her collections are of a whole new ethnic, urban and poetic femininity. The semi-precious pearls are mixed with brass and crystal, gold get twisted in our hair and here we are transported into her universe. Louise got inspired by her reading, heroins of literature ; of her literature. From Lolita to Phèdre and Célimène, she elegantly pays tribute to those who have accompanied her in the creation of her collections.

How did it all started - what was the catalyst that sparked your interest to start your own jewellery line? My formation is completely self-educated : I’ve always been tinkerer. At the end of my second year of Literature Degree at La Sorbonne I began to make jewels. This summer I decided to sell them, and it worked rapidly! Then I created my website, and my brand was officially established. I finished my last year to have my Literature degree and after that I dropped my studies to devote myself entirely to this activity.

What inspires you creatively? What's the process like for creating a new piece? It’s a mix between literature heroines and my personnality : it can be a character, a scene in a novel… When I read a book I like to imagine what kind of jewels the characters could wear.

My brand universe doesn’t have particular limits : I don’t promote a specific style, I like to explore and create different designs, and the fact that I take inspiration through Literature makes that possible. Concerning the creative process, I never do drawings, I directly work on the metal. I usually do severals trials before getting the final piece.

What's your favourite piece of personal jewelry? My obsession of the moment are hoop earrings ! It accessorises every outfits, whatever you are wearing !