Lee Bul at Hayward Gallery

Multi-limbed, fleshy monster stares you out as you enter Hayward Gallery second exhibition since reopening by Lee Bul. Yep you're alone when you felt slightly uneasy staring back at them. Suspended from the ceiling are more of its blobby buddies and a battalion of pure white cyborgs. In the corner sits a silver and black behemoth among a landscape of shattered mirrors and blinking lights. It’s up to you to figure out if the Korean artist’s sci-fi dreamscape is actually a nightmare.


Lee Bul’s work is a series of imagined futures overflowing with culture and history. It’s filled with the hope of utopia, but also a terrifying fear of what that might mean. This whole thing feels like a guess about what’s to come, about how our bodies might change with technology, or how cities might grow – but it’s also a prayer that it won’t be hell. There’s beauty in everything here, but an awful lot of threat, too. Bul is showing that whatever the future is, it isn’t going to be simple.


Lee Bul exhibition runs through to Aug 19, find out more about the show here

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