Antony Gormley at RA

Taking over RA’s Main Galleries this season is the world renown sculptor, Antony Gormley, famous for his bronze, eerie human body work of art. In this show, expect a series of existing works from his 45-year career, as well as pieces created especially for his most significant display in ten years. Visitors are invited by curators to ‘slow down and become aware of their own bodies’ through this series of experiential installations.


The exhibition will explore Gormley’s wide-ranging use of organic, industrial and elemental materials over the years, including iron, steel, hand-beaten lead, seawater, and clay. The display will also bring to light rarely-seen early works from the 1970s and 1980s, some of which led to Gormley using his own body as a tool to create work. For the artist, the body is a ‘vessel for feeling’, it is both the unique site of our individual journeys and the one thing we all share.


Gormley often describes the body as a ‘place’, a place of experience, emotions, memory, consciousness and imagination. While walking through spaces across the galleries, he invites visitors to rediscover the space we each inhabit, through a series of encounters that heighten our attention to our bodies and our surroundings - the solitude while looking at “Host”, the weight yet a translucent lightness walking through "Matrix” and lost of perspectives interacting with “Lost Horizon” - bet you will come out with a new perspective after visiting the show.

From now til 3 December 2019
Main Galleries, Royal Academy of Arts

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