Bill Viola / Michelangelo: Life Death Rebirth at Royal Academy

The Royal Academy presents a new exhibition bringing together the work of two legend - Bill Viola and Michelangelo, born and worked centuries apart. The show explored the universal themes of human existence and experience, featuring 12 video installations by Viola, alongside 14 of Michelangelo’s drawings and the 'Taddei Tondo', the artist's only marble sculpture in the UK. 

Having been a history student myself, I’ve always been fascinated how history evolved drastically. Putting Bill’s pioneering video work alongside the raw strokes of Michelangelo’s, you can’t help but wonder - how far humankind has come to where we are standing right now with technology, with art, with thinking, and what would Michelangelo make of Viola’s work and this collaboration? While the pieces were produced centuries apart, the theme life and death transcends time and we will never stop learning about it.

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Bill Viola / Michelangelo - Life Death Rebirth.
26 January — 31 March 2019
Main Galleries, Burlington House, Piccadilly