I first came across ROWSE from an article on Nuria Val, also someone we’ll be talking to. She is a photographer, model and creative director, also a beauty wonder who founded this beautiful raw beauty brand. With ROWSE, Nuria wishes to share her artistic approach to raw beauty through a collection of plant-based oils, essential to any beauty regimen. Inspired by the passing of the seasons, ROWSE’s body oils are a mix of nature’s most powerful ingredients, botanical scents and invigorating textures.


How did it all started  - what was the catalyst that sparked your interest to start your own beauty wellness line? 
I came up with the idea of ROWSE while travelling to inspiring places such as Lanzarote, Reunion Island, Japan, Iceland, Stromboli, Philipines, among others.I was dazed by the power and beauty of nature there and curious to explore how it could be used for beauty purposes. ROWSE is an attempt for me to express my vision of beauty through simple, raw products but most of all to offer everyone a beauty alternative that is gentle to the skin and nature.

At ROWSE, we don't believe in labelling beauty. The industry standards have oppressed women and men for decades and it was about time that we - consumers - fight back to represent a more inclusive, more interesting vision of beauty. I’m happy to see emerge strong figures such as Leandra Cohen or XX that you wouldn’t have seen a decade ago. I guess social media has helped a lot to show us the real face of beauty. We sure hope to make the conversation even more interesting through our choice of imagery, models and ambassadors.

What inspires you creatively? 
I'm really inspired by the power of nature; plants, volcanoes, the colors of the different landscapes and the sea. I've always been involved in projects that helped me a lot to understand our planet and be aware of how important is to take care of it. 
Besides that, I'm very inspired by artist as Cesar Manrique or Salvador Dali. Lanzarote is one of my favorite places on earth and I always try to visit it al least once a year, I love to visit all the buildings that Cesar Manrique design and spend time just watching its abrupt landscape. I also very inspired by some of the documentaries of Warner Herzog.

What's your beauty tip for this winter?
We developed Te winter body oil, a perfect combination of oils to take care of our skin during the coldest months of the year. I would also recommend a natural all-purpose balm and as always; Argan oil for the hair.

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