Six Gallery

The Six Gallery is one of those places that leaves you breathless with admiration. Nestled in a former sixteenth-century monastery, SIX was founded by Mauro Orlandelli whose vision was to create a spece where different creative disciplines could collaborate. It is composed by three spaces, SixGallery, Bistrot Sixieme and Irene at Six and by six partners, Mauro Orlandelli, Samuele Savio, Sergio Carnevale, Irene Cuzzaniti, Fanny Bauer Grung and David Lopez Quincoces.

In here you can find famous designers’ pieces, like the unmistakable chairs “Leggere” by Gio Ponti, the statuesque tables by Gabriella Crespi, Aalto lamps and many other precious items, some even of their own production. A corner, a truly magic one for energy and charm, is dedicated to Irene Cuzzaniti, already known to the Milanese people thanks to the Fioreria in Cascina Cuccagna, and her flower design boutique. She will welcome you in two intimate rooms, full of flowers, nice smells and books.

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Via Scaldasole, 7
20123 Milano Italy