The Spring Edit: Beauty

The Spring Edit: Beauty

Starting this year, our team decided to do an edit per season. We travelled around the world in search of the best beauty treatments that would fit the bill for our readers. This month, we’ll be featuring our favorite places in both Hong Kong and London!

Lyla Lash Bar

Having been a lash guru for several years, I’m confident to say there wasn’t many that I’d make a repeated visit. If you’ve never tried of eyelash extensions but worried that the process might ruin your natural ones? Well, the good news is, lash extension procedures have improved significantly over the years - all you need is pick the right salon for you - and Lyla Lash Bar is one. Trust me, I’ve been to ones where I can barely open my eyes after the treatment!

I was in need of ‘lash upgrade’ before a wedding over the winter season and I was glad to be introduced to Leona, owner of Lyla Lash Bar. Her cosy, chic salon is located right at the centre of Central, 5 minutes walk from MTR, you’d then be welcomed by the warming staff. Once I’ve been kindly offered a hot tea or coffee, the professional lash technician went through the treatment step by step in detail, from the choices of lash (basic, natural, Russian 3D to Bridal) as well as recommending the right curve and length for me - you know when you’re in the right place. I was especially impressed by the speed and quality of lashes being used, there was absolutely no tingling effect from the glue as I was told they’re sourced from natural ingredients - man that was a first time I felt absolutely no problem opening my eyes post lash treatment - both in London and Hong Kong! I waited a while before writing the review, as I wanted to see if the lash would’ve lasted and expected, it lasted two whole months even after a tropical trip to Thailand. Would I go back - absolutely! Would I recommend, without a doubt!


54 D’Agular Street, Central, Hong Kong
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Facial Gym

When I first heard the name, I probably had the same reaction as you. Facial and gym - how does that even related? Well you work your body out and your face is literally part of it - why not? I’m so pleased to have met Alina, a cult facialist believes that good things come to those who work, and it’s ready to exercise your face into youth. Housed inside a corporate building, Alina’s clinic was nothing like a beauty salon, rather I’d call it a clinic slash school slash personal gym - the whole process was super professional. Same as many first timer, I was super nervous of what would go down in the next hour but Alina assured me nothing major painful or intense would happen :) There are different types of massages you can do based on your preferences or problem areas; I was recommended to do a combination of them including starting with a oral massage, followed by a tension relieve massage and lymphatic massage - which feels absolutely relaxing whereas the oral massage can be uncomfortable at times. However, Alina makes sure to check in frequently to make sure I’m 100% fine. Verdict? My face has never felt more bouncy and reinvigorated, just like how you’d felt after your morning workout!

35 New Broad Street, London EC2M 1NH
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We have never been more excited to hear that Haeckels has opened a day spa in Margate, on England’s south east coastline. Housed above its existing store on Cliff Terrace, with stretching ocean views, the boutique treatment areas will offer Haeckels’ unique form of thalassotherapy; curative remedies based on the systematic use of sea water, sea products, and shore climate – making the most of its coastal location.


Alongside the three carefully furnished treatment rooms, Haeckels House is an event space; a base to showcase the work of talented upcoming designers such as Charlotte Kidger and Jo Elbourne, whose work is currently installed in the relaxation area. A pleasing palette – British sky-blue, ocean-spray cream, sandy orange – washes over the walls in waves, neatly sidestepping seaside cliché in favour of something more refined. Haeckels House was created with the collaboration of the Haeckels team, their family members and local residents. Margate has a strong community drive, in addition to an influx of London’s creative talents migrating there on the hunt for precious extra space and the bracing hit of coastal inspiration. Now, locals have a fitting place to unwind.

8 Cliff Terrace, Margate
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