AI: More than Human

AI: More than Human

Barbican’s latest sprawling exhibition AI: More than Human explores creative and scientific developments in AI, demonstrating its potential to revolutionise our lives. Bringing together artists, scientists and researchers, this interactive exhibition offers an unprecedented survey of AI with which you are invited to engage head-on. Experience the capabilities of AI in the form of cutting-edge research projects by the likes of DeepMind ad MIT, and interact directly with exhibits and installations from artists including Es Devlin and teamLab to experience the possibilities first-hand.

In The Pit theatre is TeamLab's interactive digital installation What a Loving and Beautiful World, a calming environment populated by butterflies and waterfall of Chinese characters. Once you cast your shadow on the characters, they trigger magic things like rainbows, butterflies, thunderstorm and blooming sakura. It's a magical art installation that would be easy to spend hours in, and a welcome meditative escape after the intense main exhibition.

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In the foyer is Es Devlin's PoemPortraits created with Google Arts and Culture, also one of our highlights from the show. Human visitors can contribute a word and have AI weave it into a cumulative, collaborative poem - you can also get a photograph generated from the poem as a souvenir.

Myriad (Tulips) by Anna Ridler demonstrates the way in which algorithms "learn" from data

From pop culture of robots and sci-fi stories, robot dogs to latest machine learning developments with the likes AlphaGo, a wide-ranging approach to the topic of artificial intelligence, with immersive and interactive displays spread throughout the show - however there was no clear distinction as to which items on display are the result of AI, and which stem from other improvements in technology. Call me geeky but having been working in the tech industry for the past few years, there has been a lot of developments, conversations and debates going on around Artificial Intelligence, as well as distinguishing that with machine learning, data science and autonomous developments - I couldn’t help but think the show could have allowed more focus on the core questions the technology as well as its potential.

AI: More Than Human opens at The Barbican now and runs until 26 August 2019.