The Power of Draw

A newcomer to the art scene - Draw Art Fair London is the first fair in the UK dedicated to modern and contemporary drawing. It aims to present all facets of drawing as a fundamental practice and to create a platform where rare works by modern masters and recent works from the 21st century stand side by side. It provides an unrivalled opportunity for visitors to discover the new, and to rediscover established artists.

The show was small but intimate, a lovely joyful visit at Saatchi Gallery this morning and reminded me of the little things about the joy of art - in particular for this instance ‘drawings’. Before leaving the show, I saw this little note on the wall, thought I’d share here:

How to enjoy a drawing?

  1. Pick out one drawing

  2. Try to immerse yourself in the life that has taken shape in the drawing.

  3. Relate the life in the drawing to the world around it.

  4. Observe, also, how the drawing has been made: the thickness of the lines, the colors of the surfaces, the particular viewpoint, the quality of its paper.

  5. If you have been examining a detail, zoom out to discover the wonderful larger world around it; if you have been looking at a whole drawing, zoom in to grasp the smaller word contained within each fragment.

A beautiful reminder and a wonderful discovery of new artists from the show including: Gerard Fromanger, Zarina, Lenny Rebere and John Franzen.