Future Perfect x Seungjin Yang

Future Perfect x Seungjin Yang

As evidence by the blockbuster show The Chair, staged at The Future Perfect’s Manhattan gallery during design week, it would seem there is no limit to the possibilities of this furniture staple. To coincide with Los Angeles Legends Art Fair, The Future Perfect presented the mind-blowing work by Seoul-based designer Seungjin Yang at Casa Perfect Los Angeles.

Seungjiin Yang is best known for his “Blowing Series,” in which blown balloons are coated with epoxy resin and shaped as furniture, such as chairs, benches, and stools. Yang was attracted to the idea of transforming fragile balloons into solid sculptures through his own interpretations. His inspiration recalls childhood memories, yet his process incorporates industrial furniture making. “I tried to turn a simple making process based on my personal childhood memories into an industrial fabrication furniture-making process,” as told to Dezeen.

The multi-step process begins with blowing up balloons into the desired shape and size. and then affixing them to form furniture, including chairs, benches, and stools.

Epoxy resin is then poured over the pieces, and repeated a total of eight times, in order to create a durable and rigid structure that is able to support the weight. The process takes a week to complete a single stool. Once complete, the resin takes on a glossy surface resembling glass. Yang recently told Dezeen, “I was fascinated by a form that is changed into a transparent and clear surface like glass when I set epoxy resin on balloons.

Today, The Future Perfect continues to evolve the boundaries of what contemporary design can do. Each location —  New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles — offers site-specific collections tailored to Alhadeff’s original vision: playfulness, craftsmanship and innovation. Alhadeff and the The Future Perfect also continue to expand their community: shifting the borders between gallerist, dealer and merchant, opening new pathways for artists and collectors alike.