Anish Kapoor at Pitzhanger Manor

The newly restored Pitzhanger Manor and Gallery opens with an inaugural exhibition by sculptor and installation artist Anish Kapoor.


It has been three years in the making, but John Soane's former home is finally reopening to the public. The famous architect both lived in and designed the manor, completed in 1804, but over the centuries it underwent a great many additions that obscured the Regency features. Now it is reopening, carefully restored with the original conservatory rebuilt to Soane's design. His Ealing country house is very like the town house at Lincoln’s Inn but statelier and calmer, with its views out onto wide expanses of Soane’s own land (today Walpole Park).

Kapoor’s sculptures echo Soane’s complex use of mirrors and light and will enable visitors to Pitzhanger to see Soane’s architecture from a fresh perspective. With their use of mirrors and light, the sculptures are designed to challenge the idea of form and space by disorienting the viewer and they celebrate the architecture of the space in a new way.